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LANY Organics was created with love for one person . . . you.
Your skin is unique, so each facial at LANY Organics is customized, beginning with a consultation to best personalize your treatment. During your session, organic chamomile tea eye compresses will soothe and calm your skin. Our facials also feature jade rolling, which encourages lymphatic circulation, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and aids in product penetration. And at the end of your treatment, you will receive an individualized take-home skincare plan.

Our sitting room is your own private haven to relax with a cup of organic tea and unwind. Our spacious treatment room is warm and inviting, an ideal setting for your session.

Come and experience LANY Organics—so much more than a facial.



Once upon a time in a small Canadian fishing village, a young girl read that mud was healthy for her skin. Fascinated that such a simple, everyday ingredient could have so many benefits, she came home that night with saltwater, mud, and seaweed caked on her face.


Looking back, I can’t help but smile at that little girl . . . I could never have imagined where her love of natural skincare would take her.


Many years later, I met the love of my life and moved to my new home—New York City. I left teaching to pursue a career in skincare, and for more than a decade, I worked as lead esthetician at Ohm Spa—a lovely, top-ranked day spa on 5th Ave.

LANY Organics Laurie

The story should end there—I was happy, constantly learning about skincare and products, and loved my clients and co-workers. But of course, this is when life took an unexpected turn .


I was diagnosed with cancer. But with love, amazing doctors, and the support of the best friends and family in the world, I was able to beat it. And unexpectedly, I found that I was a different person . . . with a different passion.


I became obsessed with holistic skincare, with natural ingredients that heal and nourish our skin. I focused on chemical ingredients and the harm that some cause us. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and we must actively choose what we put on it.

I choose nature. I choose healing. And it’s with this same passion and awareness that I founded LANY Organics. No nasty chemicals will ever touch your face. No parabens. No toxins disguised as ‘fragrance.’ The products I will use on you are same ones I use on my own skin.

You’ll find only love and nature inside.

Laurie is a NYS-licensed esthetician with certifications in Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Nefeli Gua Sha, Mehta Natural Facelift Massage, and Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology.


She grew up on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and earned her degrees in education from Acadia University and St. Francis Xavier University .


She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their naughty King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

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